Rug-related Workshops

Program: “Why I love Rugs”

With slides and hand woven rugs, Connie tells the story of her career and love for rugs. Includes pattern drafts, inspirations, handmade artist books and a question/answer period. Her experience with the Feldenkrais® Method as it pertains to enhanced flexibility and performance on the loom is discussed. You are also invited to bring your own rugs for critique.
1 hour or more as time allows

Facility needs: slide projector, screen, dark room

Weaving a Gutsy Table Runner Workshop
(Great for table looms)

Become one with the easiest weft face block weave in the world and harness your creative energies to learn about rug weaving/color/design. Threading, beating, wonderful selvages and finishing to make a table runner or small sampler (your choice). Bring a 4 harness table or floor loom, 4,6 or 8 dent reed, raddle and lease sticks, scissors, and two shuttles. List of materials and warping directions will be sent to students.
2-3 day class

Facility needs: Table looms, tables, chairs

Creative Dyeing for Rug Wool Workshop

First a preface with the color theory to control your colors. Then immersion dyeing with acid dyes and direct dyeing with fiber reactive dyes on rug wool.. Produce the glorious effects you've seen on lighter weight yarns for your rug yarns. Over dyeing , dyeing of fleece and variegated effects will take you to color heaven. Several natural dye bathes will also inspire you—bring lots of yarn to dye! It is good to sample and keep recipes but the thrust of this workshop is to create yarn for future projects.
One or two day workshop
All levels of experience

Facility needs: Water and heat source. Outside spaces allow for propane burners and more freedom but an inside facility with a stove and sink will suffice. Need large pots, buckets, stirring rods, potholders, quart jars, clothesline.

Workshop with Weft Faced Wool Rugs

Block weave, twill and tabby fully explained with the time for experimentation. Information about dyeing, warp and weft yarns, designing, production, finishing, shaft switching and marketing combine with hands on work. Additional information includes suitable looms and modifications, shuttles, use of temples and efficiency while working. Hand woven rugs and yarns supplied for analysis—bring your own to add to this. This workshop can be constructed to produce a completed rug or various samples depending on the interest of the students.
Two or three day workshop
All levels of experience
Facility needs: Floor or table looms, 8/5 linen warp, 4,6, or 8 dent reed, 2 shuttles, scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle or small crochet hook, wool yarns for weft. Tables and chairs for all participants.

Warp Faced Rugs Workshop

Trade a longer warping time for a much faster weaving time with this rug technique. Chose to spend an extra day preparing a simple ikat warp or keep it simple by using already dyed yarns. In either case, design and color order in the warp is taught as well as the techniques necessary for warping, shedding, weaving, and effectively controlling the very dense warp.
This weave combines the structural advantages of plain weave with the thickness of twill and double faced fabrics because of the many intersections of warp and weft. Thus, your rug will be very durable as well as beautiful.
Information regarding suitable yarns for warp and weft will be available prior to the workshop.
Three day workshop
All levels of experience

Facility needs: Floor looms with at least 4 harnesses, more harnesses provide for more pattern and easier weaving, wool rug yarn, 2 shuttles, scissors, tape measure, 4 dent reed, raddle, and lease sticks. Chairs or benches.

Bookmaking Workshops

Coptic Binding
A non-adhesive binding for hard cover books, which lie flat when opened. First embellish your covers and assemble your blank book with a sturdy sewing technique. Includes precut boards and paper, sewing materials, dyes and paints. $15.00 Materials fee or make arrangements to bring your own materials.
One day workshop
All levels of experience

Facility needs: Tables, chairs, scissors, scrap paper

Memento Book
A non-adhesive binding for an album that holds a large collection of objects. Soft covers to decorate, then sew it all together with a sewing technique that allows space for stuff. Includes precut papers, paints, sewing materials. Bring mementos to attach or add later! $15 materials fee or make arrangements to bring your own materials.
One day workshop
All levels of experience

Facility needs: Tables, chairs, scissors, scrap paper

For workshops in the Feldenkrais Method®
Please see Feldenkrais Page.

Custom Workshops Information:

The above are only a point of reference for constructing a workshop that fits your needs. Times are flexible, subjects may be combined, or a short program may be built on any of these ideas. Please contact Connie with your needs.


$250.00 per day plus travel and expenses
$125.00 per one hour program