Connie Enzmann-Forneris

Rugs By Connie

The work of rug weaver and artist Connie Enzmann-Forneris.

Connie weaves her rugs on the Harrisville rug loom that you see on the home page. Materials are 8/5 Belgium or Irish linen and her hand dyed wool. For textural interest she uses a great variety of imported yarns as well as her own hand spun.

A variety of weave structures keep her excited about new possibilities. Please email her for more details about this if you are interested. All of Connie's rugs are totally reversible, often giving a completely different impression on the other side. All rugs are mounted and ready to hang on walls. Floor use is of course their primary function as they are supremely durable and long wearing. They are treasures!

(352) 219-8200

Mailing Address:
18 Mariposa Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87508


Thank you! - Connie